Warrior One


All Levels-Yoga class for beginners - advanced and all ages. This hatha yoga class focuses on alignment in familiar yoga poses and includes gentle flow; some challenging postures are offered.

Chair Yoga-Yoga class for adults-mostly for those recovering from an injury and seniors; focus is on stability and range of motion development, may include some assisted standing postures; requires an armless chair.

Gentle Yoga-For all - Great for seniors, those recovering from minor injury. This Hatha yoga class includes longer warm up and gentler yoga postures with fewer transitions and slower pace.

Yin Yoga-For all- Yin Yoga is done on the mat, postures work the connective tissue; joints, fascia, and bones to facilitate reduction is stress, initiate flexibility and range of motion, meditative in nature; may need props, (blanket
and blocks)

Restorative Yoga- This genre of yoga which is conducted fully on the mat with passive movements and focuses on the restoration of health. For all, but mainly for students who are recovering from injury, approved from Dr. after surgery, chronic disorders, and stress/anxiety. These Yoga postures and props allow the body to be fully supported and healing to occur.

Yoga Nidra- For all - Yoga Sleep; type of reclined meditation and Guided Imagery to bring about relaxation, stress reduction, and mind body connection.

Guided Meditation-For all - Meditation can be done seated or reclined, great for relaxation, stress reduction, and
mind-body connection.

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